All AllerEnergy Brand products are made in our dedicated allergen-free and gluten-free facility.
See our
FAQ's & Ingredient Listing page for a complete ingredient listing as well as items NOT
used in our products.
Allergen-Free ~ Gluten-Free ~ All Natural
No Peanuts ~ No Gluten ~ No Eggs ~ No Milk or Dairy
No Soy ~ No Tree Nuts ~ No Shellfish ~ No Corn ~ No Sesame
Please, read our label. Unlike other health companies, AllerEnergy was
designed exactly for all people suffering from food allergies. It is the
guiding light behind our every effort.

All AllerEnergy products maintain the following policy:

N-ONE (None – OnlyNutritiousEnergy)
No Peanuts – no nuts of any kind
No Gluten – no wheat, oats, barley, rye, spelt
No Milk or Dairy – of any type casein, whey, lactose
No Eggs – no egg yolks or whites
No Soy – no lecithin or protein
No Tree Nuts – no nuts of any type
No Shellfish – no seafood of any type
No Fish – no seafood of any type
No Corn – no corn or corn by-products
No Sesame – no seeds, oils, flour
No Potato – no potato, flour, oils
No Sunflower – no seeds or oils
AllerEnergy brand products are perfect for athletes and active food
allergic people of all ages. As a life-long athlete and father of three
young athletes, I developed AllerEnergy products to help my son, and
people just like you, overcome multiple food allergies.

Like many, we live with this serious health issue anytime & every time
we eat. Check our label...we avoided the bad stuff, then chose
all-natural, healthy ingredients to power you through your day.

Founder & Father